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On Tuesday October 6, 2009 Sergeant Michael Guida received a call with regards to a person trying to break into a house on Tate Ave. Sergeant Guida arrived in a matter of seconds and located a suspect matching the description given by the homeowner. The suspect from Cortlandt Manor was arrested for attempted burglary. The suspect was also found to have drug paraphernalia on his possession. Sergeant Guida then provided the arrest information to Westchester County Police Detectives. Working together Sergeant Guida and County Police detectives were able to determine that the person that was arrested was responsible for as burglary on Burke Court and attempted burglary on Hilltop Drive and numerous other burglary in the Town of Cortlandt. A copy of this citation will be place in Sergeant Guida’s file.

In addition, two weeks ago at the 8:00 mass at St. Christopher’s one of our village residents became ill during the mass and Sergeant Guida was the first to respond and then the Cortlandt Ambulance Corp. followed by the arrival of the Peekskill Ambulance which came to back him up. I again would like to commend Sergeant Guida and both the Cortlandt Ambulance Corp as well as the Peekskill Ambulance Corp for there quick responses. The village resident has turned out to be in good condition thanks to their swift actions.

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It is my pleasure to bring to your attention the excellent police work performed by Officer Shane Farrell on November 21, 2009.

On that date at about 4:00 pm, Officer Farrell received a call reporting a single car accident on Lindsey Avenue. The caller said that the driver was walking away from the accident.

Officer Farrell arrived quickly and observed a man in the area walking away from the accident scene. As he attempted to speak with the man. The man then ran from Officer Farrell through a small wooded area adjacent to Lindsey Avenue, crossing Albany Post Road and into the wooded area just north of Buchanan Home Center. Officer Farrell pursued the subject on foot.

The subject stumbled while running in the woods and Officer Farrell grabbed him. The subject struggled with Officer Farrell and resisted being placed under arrest. Officer Farrell finally subdued the subject, handcuffed him and returned to the scene of the accident. There witnesses identified him as the driver of the car involved in the accident. There was also a pedestrian at the scene who said that had been struck by the car involved in the accident just prior to the car hitting a telephone pole, but he was not seriously injured and refused medical attention.

Officer Farrell learned shortly thereafter that the subject he had under arrest, Andrew Susa of Yorktown had active arrest warrants from Yorktown Police and New York State Department of Parole. Officer Farrell also learned that the car driver by Susa had just been stolen in the City of Peekskill a few minutes prior to the accident.

Officer Farrell should be recognized for his excellent police work and commended for a job well done.

Respectfully submitted
Brian J. Tubbs
Chief of Police

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